All readings and spiritual work are conducted in the privacy of Rachel's home. It is truly an intimate experience to enjoy the energies she's created there. 

When you come for your reading, there is a black Rising Moon sign on the steps to keep your eye out for. Just ring the doorbell and  Rachel will be with you in a moment.
Due to the intimate nature of Readings and Mediumship, it is possible that some readings run over their intended time.

FAQ & What to Expect

Rising Moon Readings

General Tarot/Mediumship Reading

A typical reading includes a tarot spread where the client has the opportunity to ask a few questions (you don't tell Rachel your questions out loud of course and she will attempt to answer all of them).  She will also conduct a mediumship session where Rachel attempts to connect with loved ones that have passed over to the spirit world and make firm confirmations of who she is connecting with.  Please do not inform Rachel of whom you'd like to connect with.  There are no guarantees regarding who comes through for Mediumship.  It is advised that if you are looking to connect with a specific loved one that is passed that the person be deceased for al least one year.  Other forms of divination such as flame reading, Tea cup reading, Crystal ball, Bone Readings, Egyptian Sand Readings upon request. 

60 Minute Reading:  $100 (50-60 minutes) 

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Relationship Tarot Reading

Looking for some insight into a relationship? This is the perfect reading to understanding the compatibility with another person, where you stand with them and the possibilities the relationship might possess.  This reading can be used for a marital partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, affairs or maybe you have you eye on that special someone and are just curious if they are in to you.  In this reading Rachel does an old tarot spread that can tell you where you stand in the relationship, what the other person thinks of you, what each person would bring to the relationship, if anything stands in your way, how compatible you are and what the fate of you two being together would bring.  She also uses another spread during this reading to determine month to month what will transpire and where you will be left standing with them.

60 Minute Relationship Tarot Reading:  $100 (50-60 minutes) 

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Past Life Reading

During this session Rachel uses Tarot, Egyptian sand and minx bones to gain information on past lives and the life lessons that are relevant in this life.  

60 Minute Past Life Reading:  $100 (50-60minutes)

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Spiritual Counselling: 

Sit down with Rachel while she asses your spiritual gifts and helps you to find clarity and build a spiritual routine in your daily life.  To help you develop your gift as an Intuitive or Medium. 

Cost:  $100 (50-60 minutes)

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Private Parties:

Book your own Reading party where Rachel comes out to your own home!  Readings are intended to be private and individual to each one of your guests.  Readings parties can be a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.  The duration of each guest reading is dependant on how many guests you have attending (example: if you'd like to book 2 hours. 2 guests = Two 60 min readings, 4 guests = Four 30 min. readings, 6 guests = Six 20 min. readings etc.)  If you have a larger group let Rachel know she'd be happy to bring in an additional reader at an additional cost to accommodate your needs. 

Cost (within Winnipeg City Limits):  $100* (per hour with a min. of 2 hours)

Cost (outside Winnipeg City Limits):  $100* (per hour with a min. of 2 hours) + $50 travel fee (up to one hour outside of Winnipeg)

*Please note that there is a base fee of $100 added to all home parties

Contact  to book / Available evenings and weekends

Witch Craft Lesson:

Meet with Rachel for a one on one teaching of the craft. Each lesson is tailor made for the client depending on their level of knowledge and interests. Topics can include: How to get started with the Craft, Protection magic, Candle magic, how to make and use sigils, mojo bags, manifesting, altar use an devotional practice to name a few.

Cost:  $100

Contact to book / Available evenings and weekends 

House Blessing: 

Have Intuitive Medium Rachel Stiles use her extensive knowledge of spirit and the occult to bless and protect your home. Rachel starts by extensively reading the energy in the home and picking up any information about spirit and the living occupants energy. She then forms a plan to remove any negative energies or entities and meets with the client before she conducts the blessing. This also may include the crossing over of "stuck" spirits. The home is then cleansed, blessed and sealed. 

nvestment:  $250* (can take between 2-3 hours)

*Additional $50 travel fee if you are within one hour of Winnipeg

Contact to book / Available evenings and weekends

Cord Cutting:

This is a witch craft ritual used to cut the "etheric cords"of people, places and things that you may have made unhealthy attachments too. Let Rachel walk you through your release using pagan drumming, reiki, stones and folk magick that has been passed down. *Make sure you have time to relax and heal after this appointment.*

Contact to book / Available evenings and weekends

Investment:  $140