Professional Conjure Work

Rachel is an experienced Witch that specializes in hoodoo root work. 

For this service Rachel takes a desire by a client and uses witch craft and Candle Magick to shape and shift energies to bring a desired outcome into your life. 

After Rachel has communicated the needs of the client she does a ritual using candle magick to preform your wishes. This can take up to 7 days (sometimes specific materials need to be collected or made). 

During the burning of your candle Rachel is looking for 50 different signs she uses to interpret what might transpire from conducting the spell. Rachel then takes photos/video to relay these findings at the end of the spell for a full report and send them to you via email. You are then welcome to ask any further questions or clarifications around the work done.  

For spell work Rachel may require the full names, birthdates, photos etc of the people involved and of course any information provided is confidential. 

Rachel reserves the right to refuse any spell work she doesn’t feel is condoned by spirit at this time. 

This type of root work can be provided to remove hexes/curses, relationships, career, financial matters, court proceedings, self love, or any other matters you feel can be assisted by Magick at this time.

There is no judgment for any request made. Please make your request and Rachel will provide you with appropriate root work or spell that needs to be used to bring your requests to fruition. 


Professional Conjure work investment $200 

To connect with Rachel with regards to this work, contact her directly to book.