About Rachel

Intuitive Medium Rachel Stiles

For my clients, 

I have always been connected to the realm of the spirit world as a child. I began my journey as a medium when I started having terrifying experiences as a teenager. I then formally made the decision to dedicate my life to serving the divine in my early 20's. Today I consider it an honour and a privilege to read for my clients, to connect them with deceased loved ones, reveal hidden secrets of the occult and provide answers and guidance in all areas of their lives. 

It is my purpose in this life to aid others in their own empowerment, mostly because for so many years of my life empowerment was something I did not posses. I aspire to encourage all my clients to honour their truths and nourish their spirit. I continue to delve into the world of the occult and I am constantly striving for knowledge on all things metaphysical. I consider myself to be an expert on all occult and metaphysical phenomenon. When I meet with a client Im not just reading for them Im offering a piece of myself to make a connection and serve their journey. 

We must forget to be who the world tells us we should be, so we can embrace our true selves and become what we are meant to be. 

Blessed Be