About Rachel

Intuitive Medium Rachel Stiles

For my clients, 

I have always been connected to the realm of the spirit world as a child and formally made the decision to dedicate my life to serving the divine in my early 20's. Today I consider it an honour and a privilege to read for my clients and connect them to their deceased loved ones through mediumship.

It is my purpose in this life to aid others in their own empowerment. I seek to guide clients to honour their truths and nourish their spirit. I continue to delve into the world of the occult and I am constantly striving for knowledge on all things metaphysical. When I meet with a client Im not just reading for them Im offering a piece of myself to make a connection and serve their journey. 

Fate whispered to the warrior, "You'll never survive the storm."
The warrior whispered back... "I AM the storm." 

Blessed Be